Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's 12:40 A.M. Make this title whatever you want!

A trip to the ER is never a great way to start a Saturday. Nonetheless, that is where I found myself this morning with Ben, my youngest.

Last night, during a game of Tag with his friends, he broke his little six year old foot. We decided to wait until this morning just to make sure it wasn't just a wasn't.

So, we will be visiting the Orthopedic doctor sometime next week. In the meantime, he can't put any weight on it which means my back is going to be sore for a few days.

By the way, I am giving a shout-out to any parent out there that has tried to bathe their child while simultaneously holding the child's casted appendage up so that it doesn't get wet in the bathwater.

That. is. NOT. fun.

We got crutches for him, but seriously, it's so much faster to just carry him.

These are the smallest crutches I have ever seen.

My husband tried to get him to say, "God bless us, every one" in this picture.

He was basically not amused with his father.

This was right after THE bath. He wasn't too thrilled with that either. I'm telling you, it was work for both of us!

We did get to go to our church's big hayride tonight. We had so much fun. A couple at our church has a farm and every fall we gather there for a cookout, hayride, sing-a-long and fellowship. The following pictures are of some of the VIP's in my life. Enjoy!

My mom, being silly

My daddy, in the blue.

Two of my three young'uns. Ethan was floating around somewhere with his friends. I don't think I got one picture of him.
My hubs, in the red sweatshirt. The men played the teen boys in a game of football.
The men totally won.

Pastor Brian and Rebekah. He is the youth pastor at our church and his wife gives our kids piano lessons. Yep, they're pretty special to us. (He's a bit of a goofball, but he DOES work with teens!)

Mr. Anderson. I think he has known me my whole life.
Michelle, our pastor's wife (bless her heart), is one of my closest friends. She's not a hugger...I make her hug me, which may or may not help the friendship! :)
The one in the middle is our pastor...and well... my mom always said if I couldn't say anything nice, then I shouldn't say anything at all. :p Oh, I kid. He's the best.

And if he's reading this post then he is probably thinking, "Wow, she used simultaneously and appendage in the same sentence."

This is what I put up with people.

Have a happy Sunday!


Tasha said...

Crack me up with the God Bless us everyone!Poor Benner!I can't wait to sign his cast.

Shelley said...

A broken foot! I'm so sorry! And scared. Because I have a boy too, and well, I fear for my future!

Loved the Agape way said...

Oh bless his precious heart!

ocean mommy said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a weekend you've had!! Bless his heart, and bless your heart! Sounds like you've got your hands full right now.


The Hutsells said...

Oh man! What a bummer! The next 6 weeks are going to be very interesting at your house.
I remember having a cast. When I took a shower I had to wrap a bag around it and secure the top with a big rubber band. Not fun but you have to get clean.
I hope his foot doesn't start stinking! Yikes!

Fran said...

You crack me up. And...I really hope that little man is doing ok with the whole cast thing. I'm so sorry. Its a big fat drag.


Alana said...

Bless Ben's poor little heart and foot. And you! I feel your pain these days with a crippled husband. Everything is so much easier when everyone is in good working order ;-) Hope he feels better soon!

ocean mommy said...

Hey Girl! Just checking in to see how old hop along is doing??? How are YOU?

Had my ring on today and have been praying for you!


Designs by Deborah said...

A broken foot.. YUCK !! As an adult it is bad enough. but to be a little boy with one yucky.. I don't know what I would do.. GOD bless you and your back over the next 6 weeks !!