Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My 200th Post!!

This is my 200th post! I can't believe I've posted 200 times in less than a year.

I talk a lot.

Anyway, I'm not going to bore you to tears with 200 whatevers, but I am going to do this little meme thing that I saw over at connercolesmom.

It's called 5 things about me and I thought that it looked fun, so here goes...

What I was doing 10 years ago - 1998*
1. I only had ONE child, he was 10 months old-Wow!
2. I was a branch manager at the bank that I was working at.
3. I had been married for almost two years
4. We ate fish sticks and mac & cheese... a lot
5. We just moved into an apartment in our current town after living in Chicago for 5 months.

Five things on my to-do list today -
1. Laundry
2. Use a new recipe for dinner (that will be my next post)
3. Take the kids to the library
4. Go to the grocery store
5. Make a tent for the kids

Five snacks I enjoy -
1. fruit
2. candy (I know)
3. granola with cranberries
4. yogurt
5. string cheese

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire -
1. Pay off all of the bills
2. Give at least 10% to our church
3. Set up college accounts for the kids
4. travel
5. Share with family members and give to different Christian organizations.

Five of my bad habits -
1. When I get nervous, I bite my nails
2. I talk loud on the phone
3. put off cleaning the house
4. eat when I'm bored
5. waking up grumpy (not every day, but I'm definitely NOT a morning person)

Five places I have lived -
1. Where I am now
2. Streamwood, IL
3. Lafayette, IN

Five jobs I’ve had -
1. School concession stand (loved that!)
2. McDonald's ( my first real job. I got it to go to Europe with the German Club)
3. Two different banks (9-ish years)
4. Long John Silver's ( this was a second job that I had to save money for my wedding. I worked two jobs and went to college. Whew! Then I got a touch of Mono, hmmm?)
5. My mom's daycare

I guess the new thing to do is tag everyone, so I guess I'll tag you all! Let me know if you do it so I can come over and read!


Shelley said...

What a great meme! It's crazy to think about what we were doing 10 years ago! Oh, and I don't do well with plants either!

connorcolesmom said...

I love your answers - it is so fun to learn more about everyone!
Have a great day!

E. Tyler Rowan said...

This is fun, but I MUST clean the hamster cage! (I've been informed that it stinks for 3 days running.) Hopefully I can post later. Thanks for sharing.

Alana said...

Congrats on the big 2-0-0! I always love reading more tidbits about my blog friends!