Monday, March 10, 2008

The randomness that is my life

I am fairly certain that I did numerous loads of laundry last week. Actually, it took me 3 days to do it all and then one day to get it all put away. I know that I didn't' dream that up yet looky here...

Why must the children go through so many articles of clothing? Why?

Other than that, I have had a fabulous day. I have accomplished so much. I feel good about it.I am feeling a little more on top of things this week, which is a feeling that I really needed. I'm busy this week with meetings and church, but it's not overwhelming me.

I went to Curves this morning and got weighed and measured, reluctantly. I was just sure that I had gain something over the last two weeks. I exercised zero times last week with all that was going on and I just KNEW that I had paid for it. But alas, I had in fact lost 3 pounds since last month and am now only 3 lbs from my goal! I was excited about that, albeit confused. I'll take it though. This journey has been one that I never thought I could take, but yet I did and I give Him the glory for it because as I've said before, I couldn't have done it alone.

We attended a funeral of a good friend last week and this song was sung. The words are so full of hope and I can't help but wonder what it will be like when we all go Home. I wish you all could hear it because it is a beautiful song.


When surrounded by the blackness of the darkest night
Oh how lonely death can be
At the end of this long tunnel is a shining light
For death is swallowed up in Victory

But just think of stepping on shore and finding it Heaven
Of touching a hand and finding it God's
Of breathing new air and finding it Celestial
Of waking up in Glory and finding it Home.

--Don Wyrtzen

The kids ran out the door for school last Monday and then quickly came back in saying, "Come here mom and dad, look at this." So we went outside and saw this beautiful reminder of God's promises to us...

Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." Genesis 9:16 (NIV)


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh, I love the rainbow shot! What a reminder of our God.

Yes, laundry is horrible and seems to multiply exponentially as they are growing!

Congrats on the weight. That is so amazing!!!!!!

Alana said...

Laundry is the bane of my existence. At least you don't have laundryitis ;-)

That is awesome that you lost weight on your trip. Don't question it, just be thankful!

Rochelle said...

My eight year weighs 50 pounds, and that is about how much dirty laundry she produces each and every week????? How does it happen? It's almost humorous... almost I said. And congrats on losing weight!! That's impressive!!

Melody said...

So, our weeks were freakishly alike. Funerals, laundry, and rainbows. The kids and I saw a rainbow that was so close it looked like we were going to drive right through it! It was the brightest most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen, and it was the entire rainbow....we could see the whole arch! Unfortunately, we were in the car, and didn't have a camera on hand.

Oh, and I did NOT lose three pounds last week...I think I may have gained them....ugh!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the 3 pounds!

Thanks so much for the bracelet, it is so cute!

I look forward to summer for less laundry. Seems the kids just live in their suits, I lOVE IT!