Friday, March 14, 2008

I KNOW I bought Easter candy

Next week, when I post on here that I.can't.find.the.Easter.candy.anywhere,
will someone please remind me that I put it in the pink cooler in the kitchen? Please? Thanks so much my Internet friends... I heart you greatly!

Now, on to other pressing issues. I have mentioned before that I absolutely love, love,love Cadbury eggs. The original them.
Well, I treated myself to one of those bad boys the other day and was so excited about it. Usually by this time in the Easter season I have eaten several of these things, like 10. I know, it's bad. I think I have had 2 since Valentine's Day, so I've cut back. :)
On with my story. I got in the van and headed to the school to get the kids, my mouth watering for the yummy-ness. You think I'm joking.
I opened the chocolate egg and noticed something that immediately saddened me. There is a line that goes around the egg where the two halves of the egg are melted together. There was a section that didn't fuse together and there was a hole. This only means one thing... the creamy middle that I love so much was going to be dry because air had gotten to it. Do ya'll know what I'm talking about? Instead of a creamy center it was more like frosting, dry frosting. A waste of calories, because before when I thought it was going to be creamy the calories were totally worth it.
I ate it anyway because, well, I'm a woman and I had chocolate in my hand and it would have been a shame to throw it out.
I suffered through it, somebody had to.


Unknown said...

I am right there with you on the tragedy that is a dried out cadbury egg.

I hope the chocolate was at least satisfying!

Fran said...

I know exactly what you are talking about and its completely ridiculous that they would do that! :) but, I'm glad that you ate the chocolate anyway.

And, I see below where you posted on Angie and her pregnancy. I lost her blog and was so anxious to read how they were doing. They have been on my heart since I found them last weekend. Thanks for passing along.

Praying for you too. Hope your weekend is full!

Tasha said...

That is a crime I say.A CRIME.Oh and thanks for the Thomas the Tank Engine book.I have only had to read that to a certain little girl 150 times or so.The Dora sunglasses are adoradle though!

Tasha said...

Um yeah,I think adorable was the word I was looking for.Love Ya!

Alana said...

Oh, that is so sad. Kind of like waking up in the morning without your blankie. Only worse because it involved chocolate and imperfection. What a crime to humanity!

Anonymous said...

You are a brave woman, and I admire the sacrifice that you were willing to make for Cadbury. Personally, I think they should send you a dozen FREE hole-less eggs. You want me to email them for 'ya?