Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We went to see our niece, Zadyn, tonight and she is still in need of much prayer. She is doing better and is on the road to recovery, but is still very ill. The following two pictures are from her surgery, so I am warning you now in case you are squeamish when it comes to those kinds of pics.

This picture shows one of two stones that they found in her appendix. They think that the dehydration from the flu caused her to develop these stones and then one of them perforated her appendix....OR they blocked it and the fluid built up and it burst. If you look closely, the stone is circled.
This is a shot of the underneath part of her uterus. Apparently, when her appendix burst, it fell down into her pelvic area. The white stuff is infection. They had to flush all of her belly out. They are waiting for her stomach to "wake up" now.
Here she is visiting with us. She is doing very well, for the amount of pain she is having. They are keeping her well medicated for that.

Everything is better when Grandma is there!

Keep praying

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Yankee Mama said...

Poor baby! I will be praying Darlene.