Monday, September 8, 2008

Ewww... what's in my flip-flop?!

Psalms 34:8 - O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

I really don't even know where to begin when I think about this weekend. We had such a great time together at our ladies retreat. I learned so many things that I had either never thought about or that I had forgotten along this journey called life.
It was so fun to see everyone come together on Friday morning. There were many different seasons of life represented. We had empty nesters, loving grandmothers, singles, mothers of teens & elementary kids, and mothers of toddlers & babies (praising God for this break!). We all have our own stories with one commonality--Jesus Christ.

Our trip to the camp was full of fellowship and fun. The nice thing about these weekends is that there is time to get to know someone that you may not get a chance to speak to very often. Another fun thing is that we got to eat a meal without having to order for our kids or cut up someones food! ALSO~~ we could order a shake with our meal and, in my case, not have to order three more for the kids!
We got to the camp in plenty of time to get our beds picked out and made. They had a cabin that was the perfect size for our whole group. The camp had done a lot of work since we were here before and the cabin was pretty cute.
The afternoon was spent in different workshops. They had fun workshops and also some informative workshops. At 3:15 we had a choice of either practicing for the ladies choir or going to the zipline.

Hmmm.... Which one do you think I chose? :)

OF COURSE!!! (that's me zippin'!)

We had some fun times in our cabin. As night fell, some of the ladies got a little mischievous.

It is so much fun to just be a kid again for even one night. I love having a side that can still enjoy pranks and silliness. I hope to never lose that. Now, I won't name names, but the one on the far right of this picture is our youth pastor's wife. I'll just call her "The toilet paperin', toothpaste squeezin' ringleader". She was the one asking the question that is the title of this post. I also found out that this girl can RUN... FAST!!
Here she is again, hanging over the back seat of the van. I think she was looking for a seat belt or something. Who knows, but a picture had to be taken!
Like I said at the beginning of this post, we heard so much from God's Word. I hesitate to elaborate on here because I don't think I can fully relay it all. I have to go deeper into it so that I can understand it all myself.

The one thing that I can say is that I go to a church full of fun-loving, joyful and ornery ladies and I love them all!


Teri~Facedown said...

I totally wish I could do that! It looks like a blast! Maybe you should come see me next!

Michelle V said...

A few years ago our church had our women's retreat at a facility that looks just like that one! It was SO much fun! It looks like you had a blast!


Fran said...

I prayed for you would pop in and out of my mind this past weekend and I knew you were up to some God-lovin fun!!!!


Michelle said...

Total blast! Still snickering! I am getting ready to post some of you.... better watch out!! HE hee he!!
Your right on the tooo much to relay and process part.
Love ya! By the way are your hands still minty fresh??

Darlene R. said...

You're SOOO funny, Michelle!

Minty fresh~~ hahaha! :)