Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hey girls, don't forget your flashlights!

In the morning, myself and 16 other ladies from church will be heading to Illinois for a weekend ladies retreat. We have been looking forward to it for a couple of months now. Did I mention that two of my closest friends in the whole world are going too?

Well they are, and that is just a BIG FAT BONUS for me!

We are all going to have a great time getting to know one another a little better. The majority of that bonding will likely take place to and from the bathhouse at all hours of the night!

If you remember us over the next couple of days, please pray for safety on the road, for the husbands staying behind with the kiddos, and for openness of hearts to the teaching. I am personally looking forward to what God has in store for me! :)

Oh, and pray for an absence of anything with four legs and a mean growl....and sharp teeth. Oh, and slithery....and stingy!! YIKES!!


JP's MOM said...

how fun!

Have a great trip!

Fran said...

You got it!!!!

Have a wonderful time.

Tasha said...

Oh,I can not wait.It is 12:55 and I am still packing.Can someone say procrastanate??????????????Love Ya!

Profbaugh said...

Hey D/

Where in Illinois??? Did you know that I actually live in Illinois??? Not that I'm much of a "roughing it" girl. Oh no. Give me a good retreat at a four star hotel (lol).

Have a great time. Draw closer to Him!!


Michelle V said...

Oh how fun!!! I'm praying! Have a great trip!