Thursday, July 24, 2008

You're Safe... No Wait, You're Out!

I'm really trying not to harbor any bitterness tonight as I think about the game that the kids played. They really did a fantastic job against a tough team. The two teams were actually about even in their ability to play.

Our team won the first game 11-9. The second game was 3-5. We lost. Which is fine except that we had two outs in the top of the 6th with two runners on base and when the batter hit the ball it was thrown to second and our runner clearly made it there before the tag.

They called him safe.

The other team thought he was out and started running off the field and so they decided that he was now out. Our team was so robbed!! I do have to say that I controlled myself very well. I was trying to be a good example to the kiddos!

It was h.a.r.d.!

Okay, I feel better now that I got that off my chest. :) On to some pictures~

Sarah, lovin' the catcher position.
Ethan gave that ball a few good rips tonight. I was proud of him.
This is Clint. He goes to our church. I love this picture of him crossing home plate.
This little sweetie is Leigha. She provided some great entertainment between innings! She goes to our church.
This is her little brother. Does anyone else remember when they could touch their toes? ;)
Here is the church crowd. We had six kids from our church on this team. Yes, we planned it that way so that we could help each other out with games. I thought it was so great that our youth pastor showed up to support the kids. Our pastor and his wife have kids on the team, so they were there also. It meant so much to the kids that they came and watched.
I think he's happy!
One more of Robbie. Just look at those eyes. What a cutie!
The whole team. They did alright keeping their chins up. It's tough when a bad call is made. It was a good learning time for all of them... and us!
Here are the church kids on the team. They have become pretty close over the summer. We have truly enjoyed getting to know them and their families.
The moms have become pretty close, too!


Shelley said...

It looks like Sarah is feeling better!

I love summer baseball, and I LOATHE bad calls. So sorry to hear about that. I'm glad the kids were able to keep those sweet chins up!

Heather said...

I'm gald the kids had a good time. It's a shame about that call; I probably would have said something...LOL

Loved your pictures.

Fran said...

Well, don't get me started on bad calls...I could go on and on and then also tell you how ridiculous I can act sometimes. Why on earth do I that??!! :)

Thanks for the pix. Looks like a great time and a great season!