Monday, July 7, 2008

Sarah's Baptism

Never fear, I do have vacation pictures but I wanted to get this posted first.

Sarah was baptized last night at church. This is something that she has been asking about for awhile now. We were so excited for her.

There is nothing like seeing your kids make the right decisions in following Christ.

This is Sarah with Pastor Brian. He is our youth pastor. We love him and his family and were so thankful that he was able to baptize Sarah. He is an awesome youth pastor.


Shelley said...

Congratulations Sarah!!! That is so awesome!!!

Dee said...

That is so exciting! Congratulations Sarah for taking that step in your faith in your walk with God. Keep walking with Him.

Darlene and Eric-
Great Job on being good parents so your children want to make these steps. You are great examples to your children.

** We get to watch next week as our oldest and youngest are baptized. our middle child still has no interest, but I want Him to be ready when he makes that commitment.

Fran said...

YAY Sarah! I am so happy for you!

Heather said...

What a great moment for Sarah and your family.


Janelle & Ella said...

Yea! That is so exciting!!

Alana said...

I have chills. Such a beautiful moment. I can only imagine how wonderful it is as a Mother to experience that moment. Can't wait!