Saturday, June 14, 2008

We're dig, dig, digging for the truth, truth, truth in the Word, Word, Word of God

We made it through the week and it was lots of fun. I really do enjoy VBS week at our church. We had a great group of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade girls. They were so eager to participate and so many of them made decisions and we even had a few of them accept Christ.
I'm not going to write a lot because after having a busy week, we went with the youth group to an event called Farm Fest today so I am very, very sleepy. :0~~(this is a yawn)
This was Ben's class. Our pastor and his wife were the teachers. Ben really enjoyed it and they had a big group of 1st through 3rd grade boys. The Lord will bless them for this ,I'm sure!
This was our class. I was the assistant teacher, so I didn't have to teach. I kept the points straight and helped with whatever Mrs. Mac needed. Her name isn't really Mrs. Mac, but that's what the girls called her. It's a shorter form of her real name!
Do you see the snake on her shoulder? That's the devil and she was showing the girls how you can shake him off when he tries to get you to do something wrong.

I spent a majority of the week before last making the decorations for our classroom area. I love to do this kind of stuff. Isn't that dino awesome?

Pastor Brian, our youth pastor. He's nuts. That about sums it up.

The girls got to go to the dig site for different reasons. This particular site was for behavior. The girls dug for jewelry at this site.

Every day, the kids had to learn a daily verse. Our church really stresses verse memory. We had a game each day to help them learn the verse. This one was so much fun. Each team had to go, one at a time and stack the cups in the right order and then say the verse out loud. After they would do that, they would unstack the cups and run back and the next girl would go. It was fun to watch.

Just a couple of cutie pies.
After the kids said all of their daily verses, they could say extra ones for more points. Ben had the most points in his class for attendance, Bible, visitors and verses. HE WON A BRAND NEW BIKE! Way to go, we are so proud of you, Ben!
Ethan also had the most points in his class and the most points overall. He also won a new bike. He really worked hard at memorizing 42 verses! We are so proud of him, too.
Sarah got second in her class and memorized 16 verses. Another little girl memorized just five more than her. She gave us reason to be proud also.
And of course, there was the dunk tank on Friday. We always have a picnic on the last day and the kids love the dunk tank. I was so, ahem, blessed to be on that list! The teens put about 3 bags of ice in that water. It was c.o.l.d!!!
How do I get talked into these things?

Well, I guess I typed more than I thought I would. Gee, imagine that!

I hope you all enjoy honoring the daddies in your lives. Whether it's yours or your children's~ Happy Father's Day to them all!

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Shelley said...

Oh girl, you are one BRAVE woman!

How awesome that your kids did so well! I know you are a proud mama!