Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello, Remember Me?

Pardon me while I blow away the dust on my laptop...

Okay, there we go. I can definitely say that summer has begun. We have been busy this week with VBS every morning. What a wonderful week it had been, too. There have been several children saved this week and we can only praise God for that!

I the afternoon and evenings, we have been spending time at the ballpark, in the pool and I have been doing some walking. We were happy to have this evening to catch up on yard work and some housework. This brings me to a question. Have you ever been mowing the lawn and heard your child calling so you look up just in time to see a hose pointed in your direction? It's a fun time...

Thing 2 and Thing 3 were out and about and stirring up some trouble tonight! As much as they push me to my limit sometimes, they are so much fun. We have really been blessed with some wonderful kids.

Sarah found out that you will pay if you mess with daddy! He's headed for the swimming pool in this picture. (Notice the plugged nose)
Thing 1, or Ethan, was chilling in the house. He took a little tumble on his scooter today and donated a couple of layers of skin to the pavement. I do have to say that it was the grossest thing that I have ever had to tend to as a mother. Seriously.

He never shed a single tear, bless his heart. My boy is growing up and getting just a little tougher.

Yes, that bandage HAD to be that big. That is a huge wound... and did I mention it was gross?
Remember when I told you about the free shoes from Regis and Kelly? Well, here they are. I got them in the mail last week. I really like them. They are super comfortable.

Tomorrow is a big day at VBS. We have our closing program and the word around the 'hood is that I am going in the dunk tank. We'll have to see about that...


Teri said...

Welcome back! Loved all the pictures! The shoes...rock! Free and cool looking, doesn't get better than that!

ET said...

Nice shoes. :)

So glad to see some family fun and sunshine. Pictures like that make my day!

(My son sprayed me with the shower head at the swimming pool last week. Kids are monsters! LOL.)

Dee said...

Glad your summer is going well. I am so thankful for what Gos is doin at VBS. YAHOOO! My children are at camp this week comin home tomorrow, can;'t wait to see them it has been a very quiet week without them.