Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's on Your Phone, 2nd Addition

I had Eric clean my phone off again. It's been a LONG time since I had him do that, as the twenty-some pics that follow will tell!

First up is a picture of the baby that I used to watch before I started working at the school. It was her first birthday.

These pictures are from our trip to Holiday World with Eric's family. They like to go every year.

I have no words for this one!
My precious family!

This is an old one. I thinks it's the first one that I took after I did the last "What's on Your Phone?"
Eric's flat tire...that I helped him change...yes, I did! ;)

This is Kate. I love Kate!

"Look at all the buttons! I want to push one, please?" This was taken in Eric's office at work. He has numerous servers in there that have something to do with what he does all day...whatever that might be. :)

This was a cake that I thought was so cool.

Being reminded of God's promises
Hey, that's me! :)

Yet another first birthday party. This little sweetie is getting cleaned up.

Baby EvanWe went to our friends house one night for supper and to play some games. The kids didn't quite make it the whole evening.

J-man found my glasses!

The cupcakes that I made for Ben's birthday this year.

Playing Hand and Foot with our friends. We were trying to see who could get a picture first.

This was a little gas station that we had to stop at when we only had 10 miles of gas left and knew we were not going to make it to the next big town. It came right out of Mayberry! The kids were in awe over the dials on the gas pumps and how fast they were spinning! (funny)
Well, that's all there is. I know you are so impressed with my picture taking abilities! We have had lots going on here, I just haven't blogged about much of it.
I will be back a little sooner next time to tell you all about a little trip I may be taking.

Take Care,


Tasha said...

Horray for a new post! It's about stinkin time!Oh wait...my last post was nine months ago.I guess I have no room to talk.That picture of Avery is so funny!Well,gotta get packed.We are leaving in the a.m for Tennessee for a few days.Love ya!

Alana said...

Hey friend...loved all those pictures. Hope you are well!