Saturday, July 25, 2009


What scents make you remember days gone by? Certain people in your life? Places you've been?
For example, I used to love Sun-Ripened Raspberry lotion from Bath & Body...until I became pregnant with Ethan. Now, every time I smell it, it reminds me of morning sickness. Blah.

Whenever I get on our church bus, the smell reminds me of going to camp.

Whenever I walk into my oldest sister's house, I can still smell the same scent that it had when our "adopted" grandparents lived there. (It a good one, by the way) :)

As I was looking through my dresser tonight to find a t-shirt to sleep in, I came across the shirt that my Aunt gave me while we were in Alabama a few weeks ago. I had mentioned to her that I ran in her honor at The Relay for Life this year, so she went and got me one of her survivor shirts to bring home with me. I pulled it out and instantly smelled the detergent that she uses and it took me right back to Alabama. I love that smell because it reminds me of her.

Thankfully, she is a breast cancer/leukemia survivor. The Lord isn't through with her yet! We love her so much and always look forward to seeing her and Uncle Frank each year.

We just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 11th. We all drove down and surprised her and my uncle with a big party.

They had no clue we were coming. It was great! I have a video, but I don't have it uploaded. I need to do that.

Anyway, for the occasion, we all went together and got them a laptop so that they could keep up with all of us up north. So if you're reading this Aunt Mary, I am going to start blogging more, so that you can watch our day to day lives from your kitchen table! Be ready, because I have a lot of cantching up to do! can be a blessing. :)

My Aunt Mary

Most of the family

My mom and her sister
Happy 50th!

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