Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Last First Tooth

Ben lost the last first tooth of our little family on Sunday. He tried so hard to keep them all in because, well, he's my baby.

I was a little sad for me and very happy for him. He' s growing up on me.

I tried my hand at sourdough cinnamon rolls tonight.

Guess what? They turned out great! I even let the kids get up and try one. It was 10:30pm, but we don't do things like that on a normal basis, so they were thrilled to be able to come down and eat a half of a cinnamon roll with us. I mean, how could I make them smell that wonderful smell and then not let them have a little? I'm not that mean. :)

(this is a before picture)

Well, this one is short and sweet and to the point, but I have had a busy few days and I am going to bed! Good night :)


Jason said...

I think I can smell those through my computer! Yum! Congratulations Ben on that tooth! And hugs to you sweet mama, for another milestone passed.

Shelley said...

Oops! I was signed on under my husband! :) That last comment was from me!

Alana said...

I can't believe he last his lost makes me a little sad and I'm not even his Mama! ;-)

Would really love to have one of those cinnamon rolls right now!