Monday, December 22, 2008

It'll be here and gone before we know it

*I'm not sure what's up with blogger, but the pictures didn't line up right at all.
Sorry... just pretend that everything looks like I knew what I was doing! *

I am going to write this post in reverse. I am going to start with today and work back to Friday.


Well, I'll tell you.

I don't want to rearrange my pictures, that's why. :)

Anyway, today has been a fun day. Tonight we had some friends over for pizza and games. I didn't take any pictures though. Which brings me to this: I FOUND MY CAMERA!! Yea!!
But still, no pictures from tonight...

This afternoon we gave O her Christmas gifts. She had fun trying to eat the wrapping paper and my kids had fun unwrapping her presents for her! We are going to miss that little booger.

Ethan still had school today and he was supposed to go tomorrow too, but due to a little plumbing issue at the church, he is officially done until January. The kids were terribly upset....yeah, right!
Yesterday was a big day at church. Last night we had Family Night and all three of the kids played the piano. Sarah and I sang a duet. I originally said I would sing with her so she wouldn't get scared. Um, she was SO not scared. Actually, I was probably more nervous than she was. No, I was definitely more nervous, especially when I figured out that we forgot our music. We made it through without it though. Whew!
I thought that I had all three kids' pictures on here, but I didn't get Ethan's. It looks just like the other two... but with Ethan at the piano. :)

In the morning service, the choir and a cast performed "The Richest Family in Town", a cantata by Garlock & Hamilton. Ethan played the part of Sammy in the play. We were very proud of him, as he had to memorize many lines. I sang in the choir, and Ben and Sarah sang in the children's choir. We have a very active church and we love being a part of it.

We also got to spend the afternoon and evening with some very dear friends. It was so fun to be able to just be together, go back to church, and then join together again for a few more hours. What a blessing to have such times to make fun memories.
Again.... no pictures from that. Sorry. I am giving my friends a break from the flash. It's tough to be friends with a Blogger/Facebooker!
On Saturday, we had a super long, wonderful practice at church for the cantata. We had a good time of singing, and fellowship with one another. I love my church family.
After practice, I went to some friends' house to help them paint. They have accepted a pastorate about 40 minutes from here and will be moving here for good in a few short weeks. Right now, they are driving 4 hours one way every weekend to be here on Sundays. I pray for their safety as they travel. We have grown to love them and are excited that they will be closer.
On Friday, we woke up to no power. That continued for about 6 hours and everything was covered in ice. We made it until about 9 without coffee and then we decided that we were going on a coffee hunt. Eric found one gas station with power, but it's coffee maker was broken...ouch.
He stopped by and picked us up and we head off to the other side of town in a desperate search for some caffeine. We found one more station with power...
...and COFFEE!! Score!!
We got four cups (large ones) of coffee and headed off to our pastor's house. We knew they would be needing the coffee! We ended up spending a good part of the day there. Eric, Pastor, and the two older boys spent most of that time cutting up a tree that fell on their garage roof. Michelle and I found that the best place to be was right next to the fireplace, amen?
No electricity equals no furnace...

How beautiful are those pictures?
The Lord's work IS amazing.
I hope you all have a merry Christmas!

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Shelley said...

Your church sounds wonderful. A lot like the church I grew up in. I miss it! I'm glad you found your camera! I temporarily lost mine a week ago, and that was the worst feeling ever! Thankfully I found it, after much searching and some serious praying! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!